Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Haul #1

Greetings fellow readers! It's Nicole here sharing my recent book purchases over the course of March-April. Btw, happy international book day!

(The title of each book will direct you to its Goodreads.)
I've been eyeing this one for the longest time and when I bought the Host, I decided to bring this book out of its lonely misery and into my lovely abode of a bookshelf.
I bought this one because a) One of the graphics was my current background and b) the graphics looked cool. It was pricey, 120,000 in B&B but nonetheless, quite worth it.
My math teacher has been raving about this book & author so I decided to grab it when I saw that its hardcover was only 100.000 (I KNOW RIGHT)!
My dear friend Belle was showering this book with love so I decided it was about time for me to try out Meyer's take on the dystopian world. I started reading this one but am a bit overwhelmed by the many names and concepts that I'm not familiar with.
One of my followers asked me which I preferred, this or The Book Thief. I was left speechless because it was only then that I realised I have not picked this book up yet, regardless of how much I loved TBT. Since my Dad was returning from Perth, I pleaded him to help me get a copy of this & Warm Bodies.
Seeing as it has been included in loads of YA books these days (Perks, cough), it might be about time I gave this book a shot, considering I enjoyed the pocket-sized Gatsby. Maybe small classics might be my new thing...?
Of course I had to get a physical copy of my first book club book. Most of you might know by now that we'll all be reading this book this month, so of course I'll be joining in. Loving it so far, but really not a big fan of the cover. I am still grateful to have this book bought for me though.

That'd be all for today's post. Thinking of making my books available for loan, thoughts? Also I don't think I'll be continuing with the book swap as there are only 2 participants, so I'm sorry. See you in the next post, and happy reading!

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  1. Hey nicole hm by the way where did u buy the copy of Warm Bodies with that newest cover? I want to get one oh ya by the way I live in South Jakarta, my name is marsya :)


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