Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Swap (April 2013)

Good day bookworms. In conjunction with the upcoming annual World Book Day (April 23rd), we have decided to host a book swap. To make this open to everyone, we have come up with a system that will allow anyone to request for books from others through the internet.

How to participate:

1. Select your books.
Pick out a bunch of books that you feel others would enjoy. We would understand if you were reluctant to give away your favourites, so just pick out books you know you'll never re-open that might be of great interest to others. Type them up in a list form like this:

eg. 1. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
    2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
    3. Looking for Alaska by John Green

Please note that ebooks are also welcome. When listing down your ebooks, please provide its format (epub, mobi, pdf, etc).

2. Send a list to our email.
After finishing your list, attach it and send it to our email before the deadline. (12th April 2013) A week of book requesting should be sufficient, right? When sending your list, please also include your Twitter username and or other contact measures you prefer. Please ensure that these contact details are the ones you use most often as others would be requesting books from you.

3. Request books.
Once all the entries are in, we would be posting your books & contact details on our site's 'Book Swap' page. View the list of books and make your trade! Keep in mind that this is not enclosed to 2 bookworms. You can contact your friends and make it a circle of swapping! The simplest way would be for you to request for all the books you're interested in as chances are they might not be interested your book(s). Therefore, make sure to post books that you think others will enjoy for a better book swap.

4. Ship them off!
After the deal has been sealed, ship them off! There would be no payments needed as you would both be spending the same amount of money for shipping. Bid your books adieu and say hello to your new friends. As for ebooks, simply email them to each other.

We truly encourage every one of you to participate as there are no drawbacks in this. If you have any suggestions on how to make this more efficient, you can always contact us through Twitter or email. Share the news!

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