Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reaching Out (1)

I'm aware the picture's very large. Oh well.

About a year or so ago, when I picked up TFiOS a month after its release date, I came across a nerdfighter on youtube who had written on flash cards and placed them in JG’s books in bookstores. I felt that it was a brilliant idea and decided to replicate that idea and changed it to be a bit more universal, by placing my favourite book-related quote on a flash card and slipped it into nooks and crannies of the bookstore. I placed them underneath/inside my favourite books, hoping that a bookworm might come across it some day and discover our little book community.

Remember those times when you were alone in your realm of books, and you thought that no one else near you understood your passion for books? I would like to eliminate that. I really do enjoy the mentions from each respective person on BookClubID and I do hope that you guys appreciate the account as much as I do. Also, if you happen to come across one of these flash cards and stumbled upon this blog, merry meet! Here’s to more books and warm tea.


  1. sometimes I feel so old when I read your posts ;) still enjoy your post xD

  2. Seriously considering doing this, genius and it's a great way to build book loving community..!!


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