Friday, July 12, 2013

Idiosyncrasies: Q&A A Day: 5-Year Journal

I have decided to include a few posts where I share interesting literary-like finds such as one I will be showing today. Idiosyncrasies seem to be a very fitting title, eh?

I came across this journal from the beautiful booktuber theebookmonster, and pleaded my mother to help purchase this journal for me during her short trip to Singapore. She managed to find it in Kinokuniya! It was expensive for such a tiny tiny book. ($27.51 = IDR200.000ish). But then again it was a great investment since this book would be used every single day for 5 years, so thought it was ideal.

This journal contains 364 pages, each page dedicated to a specific date of the year and contains a special question. There are 5 rows below the question to allow you to answer the same question on the same date for 5 years.


And look! Gold edges!

I am the type of person who's extremely bad at keeping journals but so far I've been thoroughly enjoying this one. Some questions are very random and some are very deep, making it extremely fun to look back at in the future. Also, don't you think this would make the perfect gift for, anyone?