Friday, February 7, 2014

1000 Followers Giveaway (+ Open Trolley)

Hello fellow readers! As promised, the long-awaited giveaway is finally here. I'd like to thank every single one of you for making this possible - there's a thousand of us now! 1000+ Indonesian folks who adore English books as much as I do. And much more of you guys to come!

Since there are many of you who live outside of Jakarta and find it hard to get English books in your city, I've decided to collaborate with Open Trolley to give you guys some aid in this department. But first, I'd like to share my personal thoughts on this company.

If you've been a long term member of BookClubID or have pondered my Instagram page, then you would know that I purchase most of my books from this site. 

Open Trolley is an online bookstore based in Singapore & Indonesia that sells English books. They have an extensive collection and I have always been awed by this, because being a bookworm and thus a book collector, it gets frustrating when local bookstores don't carry less well-known titles. I'd be looking for a book I heard from a fellow book blogger or booktuber, but can never find it in stores. This is when I turn to Open Trolley.

Sure, I can order my books online through the big-chain bookstores in Indonesia. But I am able to find more versions of a specific book from this site. I could be looking for the Penguin Clothbound edition of Pride & Prejudice (for example) and they'd most likely have it. I've personally ordered from them for over a year now and they never fail to impress me. Their shipping takes less than 2 weeks, the books always arrive in pristine condition and their customer service is ready to help with any of your inquiries. I always direct my followers to this site if they ever need any help finding English books, and that is why I have chosen to partner up with Open Trolley specifically.

Many have had complaints of parents not trusting Online shopping and many more, so I thought this giveaway would be a good chance for some of you guys to acquire the book you've always longed for.

Open Trolley has been kind enough to sponsor a few e-vouchers for you guys. And here's how to win them.

What you'll be winning:
3 e-vouchers (worth Rp. 100.000 each)

There will be 3 winners for this giveaway, each winning a voucher. This voucher entitles you to take Rp. 100.000 off of your order.

How to enter:
1. Must be a follower of our Twitter page.
2. Tweet us the title of any book on your TBR pile with the hashtag #bookclubidgiveaway. That is, a book that you've been wanting to buy/read but have not. You do not need to mention us. Example:
3. You can tweet as many times as you want, and you can tweet different titles each time.
4. Open to all who are locally available to purchase from Open Trolley.
5. Each voucher will be for 3 respective individuals. If any would like to tweet using multiple accounts, you are welcome to, but if chosen, you can only receive 1 of these vouchers.

That's all! Winners will be chosen randomly, so the more you tweet, the higher the chances of you winning one of these vouchers. The contest will be closed on February 21st 2014, 22:00 WIB. Winners will be chosen, announced, and personally contacted in the following weekend. 

Again, many thanks to Open Trolley for agreeing to collaborate with us on this special giveaway. We wish you the best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Open Trolley