Sunday, June 8, 2014

Book Club Indonesia's 1st Readathon!

Hello bookworms! I know, I know. I haven't posted for a really long time, and I do apologise. I've only read about 6 books this year and if that doesn't prove how busy I've been, maybe my occasional absence on Twitter could explain that as well. Nevertheless, my exams are over, and for those of you who are still struggling through your finals, I've made a blog post on my personal blog on my exam preparation tips.

Recently, I asked you guys over on Twitter when your holidays would be starting. The reason for that was this readathon! I've finally settled on the date and details. But first, for those of you who are new to the concept of readathons, allow me to enlighten you.

A readathon is simply a reading marathon! Usually, book communities select a few days and dedicate it to as much reading as possible. It can be any book you already have, or there might be a theme around it as well. For Book Club Indonesia's first readathon, we aim to read as much books off of our shelves as possible. That means finally picking up those lonely books that have been sitting on your bookshelves for years, unread and unreached for.

Personally, I have an unhealthy ratio of read books and unread books on my bookshelves, and I would like to change that. So for any of you who are interested in challenging yourself to completing those books, or just any book you want in the upcoming few days, here are the details.

When: 18th to 20th July (Fri-Sun)

Who: All co-owners of @BookClubID's twitter account will be participating, and YOU too are warmly invited! We'll be reaching out to some of our favourite book bloggers and bookish people to see if they would like to participate in it as well. But if YOU are a bookworm who would like to read along with the rest of the BookClubID community, you are more than welcome to join in. There is a sign-up sheet attached below where you can fill in your details and the amount of books or pages you are setting yourself to read. At the end of the readathon, we will contact each of you and compile a list of readathoners of our first readathon!

What: Within the set three days, you can challenge yourself to as much pages and books you want. There are special challenges that you can participate in, but they aren't prerequisites or anything. They're just fun segments to keep your reading on track! There will also be sprints on our Twitter page, and these are small activities that the whole community can participate in. These sprints have a time limit, say 40 minutes, and within those 40 minutes, we will RT and tweet back everybody who managed to participate in the sprint. The sprints will require you to incorporate the book you've got on hand, so make sure you have that ready!

Where: In your favourite reading spot. You can choose to read wherever you are, and you are also not required to enrol in our sprints or challenges. The fact that you guys are taking the time to read a book is a great accomplishment for yourself and the literary world. But if you would like to get to know other readathoners and join in our sprints, head on to our Twitter page for all that fun!

Why: Why else does one read? To escape, to have fun, to love the printed pages (or electronic copies). It's a chance for you to finally get out of that reading slump (yes, I've been watching you), and finally make the best out of your holidays! Also, if you eliminate a few books off your shelves, won't that mean a less guilty conscience when you buy more books? (Yes, I got your back).

How: Simply take a book, any book, preferably one that's been collecting dust the longest on your shelves, sit down, and read. Read and read and read for three days, and you can brag to your friends that you've completed a readathon! If you want to participate with the community, however, simply stalk our Twitter or update us through any social media platform you have. On Twitter, please use the hashtag #bcidreadathon, and don't forget to include this when you participate in our Twitter sprints. You don't have to mention us, just be sure to put in the hashtag. That's how we'll be responding to you guys!

Challenge #1: Read a book that is written in another language. 

Mangas are fine, but it'd be better if you read a proper book that's written in a foreign language. Let's say you're used to reading English books (like me), give a Bahasa Indonesia book a try! Or any language you can read for that matter.

Challenge #2: Finish a series

Simply as the title says! If you've already read the first book of its series, reading the rest of the books in the series will count as an accomplished challenge. So all you folks who have finished the second book of a trilogy, pick that last book up and give the series a huge 'check'!

Challenge #3: Read an e-book

There are many people who doubt e-books. I love them, so for that I challenge you to read at least one e-book! It can be an e-novella too (hint hint, destroy me, hint hint, READ IT).

These challenges are not obligatory in any way, so please do not feel pressured to complete them. You can choose to complete none, one, or all, it's completely up to you and your schedule.

That would be all, any questions? Feel free to ask them here. We look forward to your participation, and please, have fun!

As always, happy reading folks.

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