Hello! I am Nicole, founder and author of this website/community. With the growing Twitter accounts I have, an epiphany came through in a form of this website. With the lack of bookworms in my life, I have decided to accumulate my bookworm friends and gather all the passionate readers in Indonesia. YA books have shown to be a popular genre and with the steady increase and growing content, more people have found their love for reading.

We started out from our Twitter account @BookClubID and have grown since then. With the overwhelming response and mentions that we receive, we've decided to host a site to share our joy and to post book news, along with other things. Our goal is to bring us all together to talk about our beloved passion and to bring you insight book news!

Lulu & Indah, my friends who I've met from other friends but mostly from Twitter, have helped make this account possible. They saw the vision and have decided to join me on this adventure. They are also known as the co-owners of @BookClubID.

Since this is a growing site, our content is not concrete just yet. I for example might start posting book reviews and hauls, maybe even some author interviews. So for now, just follow us on this journey to spread the love of books. As always, happy reading!

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  1. "With the lack of bookworms in my life" my God, lately I find people like you, I want to pat or hug you.


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